What is an Annulment?

An annulment is an option if the validity of the marriage is called into question. There are two main categories for Annulment:

  • Nullity of Void Marriage and Nullity of Voidable Marriage.
  • Nullity of Void Marriage must be based on Incestuous Marriage [Fam. Code §2200] or Bigamous Marriage [Fam. Code §2201].
  • Nullity of Voidable Marriage on the other hand has six basis for being able to possibly void the marriage which are: (1) Petitioner’s Age at the Time of Marriage [Fam. Code §2210(a)]; (2)Prior Existing Marriage [Fam. Code §2210(b)]; (3) Unsound Mind [Fam. Code §2210(c)]; (4) Fraud [Fam. Code §2210(d)]; (5) Force[Fam. Code §2210(e)]; and (6) Physical Incapacity [Fam. Code §2210(f)].

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