Why is divorce in Los Angeles different?

Divorce in Los Angeles is different from divorce anywhere else.  We have people from all different walks of life.  Therefore, a divorce for a security guard is going to be different from that of an actor because we are dealing with vastly different types of income and community property interests.

Let’s face it — we have a lot of divorces here in Los Angeles.  If you have not been married for a long period of time your divorce should be relatively simple.  However, if you are an entertainer, even if you have been married only a short period of time, your divorce could be very complex due to residuals and business opportunities that came about during the marriage.

In fact, in Los Angeles, an entertainer needs to be extra careful when selecting a lawyer.  They need to be sure the attorney they select will help protect them from unwanted media attention.  Obviously we are not going to talk about what measures we take because we don’t want the media to know.  But you do need to make sure that if you want your private information to stay private then you will want to select an attorney that is not a media hound or one that the media follows.  Our firm is totally under the media radar and can help entertainers obtain a divorce and reduce unwanted attention to their personal life.

Therefore, no matter if you are a day laborer or a rock star you need an attorney that is going customize their approach to the specific needs of your case instead of taking a one size fits all approach.

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